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Taking a dip into the beauty part of blogging, I've been experimenting with a LOT of products, a few are really bad, and a load more are so much better, and I'm here to share both with you! But amongst all, the ones that have become part of my regular routine are here to be reviewed. Today is gonna be all about luscious locks from Alterna hair care(Bamboo range)!

To ensure best results, I've started using the Alterna set right after a haircut that set my hair free from all split ends(but left it at an awkward ugly length), my hair was majorly damaged with all the dyeing and straightening it goes through and I was hoping I'd find something to restore its strength and shine. The brand's tag line; Pure, Prove, Professional, sure doesn't over-promise.

I've picked up the whole collection, consisting of shampoo, conditioner, treatment oil, and dry oil mist, which are unanimously free from Sodium chloride and Parabens(chemicals which are terrible yet found in 85% of beauty products).

Anti-frizz shampoo: like the name implies, the shampoo promotes frizz-free hair through strengthening, moisturizing, and smoothing each strand.
Anti-frizz conditioner: hydrates and smoothes hair, tames split ends.
Pure Kendi treatment oil: while this oil can be used as either a treatment or styling oil I feel the results best when its used as a treatment oil. I leave it in my hair for about 10-15 minutes then shower it off with the aforementioned products and it feels softer than ever!
Kendi dry oil mist: and lastly I finish off the process with spraying the dry oil mist twice, as soon as I'm out of the shower, and before straightening my hair as it works perfect as a protecting shield.

After using the collection on my hair for 3 weeks I've noticed some changes, my ends were smoother and stronger, I had split ends but they were very minimal (I had to really look around to find them), my hair regained some shine, and the frizz decreased enormously(still mildly visible when my hair is naturally curly).

I really loved this range, I got my promised results, and they have the gorgeous Katie Holmes as the brand ambassador, she has lovely hair herself!
The only cons I can find about the range are two, and both revolve around the shampoo+conditioner
1- the price, it's a bit on the expensive side(for the shampoo/conditioner) but if you view hair care not as a hygienic necessity but as a beautifying factor, the price wouldn't matter so much. Also, a more economic option would be the travel kit which is equivalent to the price of a full size product (find here: Travel kit)
2- packaging, the shampoo and conditioner are child-proof with twisting caps rather than squeezable, which may spill an unnecessarily extra amount.

I got my products from Beautylicious , their M.E. product distributors .

Rating total 4/5 (hadn't it been for the price, it would've been a full 5)

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